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Verify Rii mini X1 keyboard works

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Category:06 - Hardware
Target version:1.0 - Atreides
Severity:01 - Critical


I have a new mini keyboard: the Rii mini X1.

I need to make sure this works. I can try using keyTouch on my workstation to test it out and configure it. According to the RPi forums the Rii models are well used with Raspbian.

See also:
  7. etc/matchbox/kbdconfig in skeleton tree
  8. /sbin/setconsole in target tree
  9. /usr/bin/showkey in target tree
  10. xev, xmodmap in target tree

I need a better, more generic way to make sure keyboards just work. Everyone else is using systemd for that, but I think localectl may be used under the hood.


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This keyboard works perfectly without any mods to the system. I tested it on an RPi2 with the 1.0.0 release.

I also verified the FAVI M2 is working correctly. I thought this one didn't work right previously but that may have been due to it's use with an RPi3 and the latest builds, which are for Ironman and may not be behaving properly.

Closing issue.

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