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Verify GAPI is decoding JSON based on current API

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Target version:0.1.0 - Baby Steps
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The existing GAPI code handled the non-public Google API. Now it needs to handle the public API correctly.

It currently works, as far as I can tell, but I don't the GAPI code is correct. I need to verify that it's still valid, and remove the v1 vs v2 methods since the current API is considered V1.

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Added by Hammel over 1 year ago

RM #606: Bring Google Speech-to-text API code up to date by using published V1 API.


#1 Updated by Hammel over 1 year ago

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Looks like the old V2 handler is what the new V1 handler needs, so I just removed the old V1 handler and moved the old V2 handler to be the current V1 handler. That needs testing but the code already handles the JSON format described on the Google API documentation so I'm sure it will just work. In fact, I'm pretty sure I used -gapiv 2 when I tested recently, not realizing why that was necessary. Now I now.

Can't close this till the code is committed and pushed, and I need to test this before I can do that.

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Verified working.

Committed and pushed.

Closing issue.

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