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Review google's Cloud Speech API

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I have a feeling this is just an extension (or formalization) of the speech-to-text API I had previously been using with Jarvis.



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Jarvis project was resurrected at the start of January 2018. The first step was to retest that external APIs were still working, specifically Google's free speech-to-text API and their text-to-speech interface through Google Translations.

The latter is no longer working. It has been disabled due to abuses by the public. I tried Amazon's API but you have to jump to too many hoops to get to it and they inundate you with crap you don't need like cloud storage API email. So I punted on Amazon and switched to using espeak, a freely available text to speech synthesizer. The voice it produces is a bit mechanical but works good enough for now.

Google's free speech-to-text API was gone and was replaced by the API mentioned in this issue. I switched the code to it and found it to be easy to use and quick to access. It requires pay-for-play so I can't distributed my API code but made it possible for users to add their own easily enough.

So I am using this API now and it works. Closing issue.

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