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Need a music player app

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Category:04 - Applications
Target version:0.13.0
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This app would allow browsing music using:
  1. Directory/File name
  2. Artist's Name
  3. Album name
    The top level list shows one of these three and the user selects and drills down to find the music of interest.

It requires a playlist to be configurable and can be saved and reloaded.

It should display the current album cover and title being played.

This all means it needs to be able to read ID3 tags from mp3's and have a directory for album covers.

If I can find a lightweight player (one that easily cross-compiles on PiBox) I may use that, otherwise we may have to write one.


#1 Updated by Hammel about 4 years ago

Various players:
  1. Nightingale
  2. Clementime
  3. Exaile

Subsonic is also an (very good) option since it provides an API we can use from a GTK+ app. However, it requires Java 5 or later. See RM #

#2 Updated by Hammel about 4 years ago

Web based servers/players that might work (some require Java so need to be tested with JavaVM).
  1. Subsonic - requires Java but has an API
  2. Ampache - may not require Java and has an API

#3 Updated by Hammel about 4 years ago

Ampache requires MySQL so that one won't be used.

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Other possibilities

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#8 Updated by Hammel 7 months ago

Here is a way to extract id3 info from mp3s using exiftool:

exiftool file.mp3 | egrep "Artist|Album|Title" 

The problem is that this is a perl script and the module it belongs to is not specifically defined by Buildroot, though it may be possible to get it as a custom module. Alternatives to this include id3v2 or eyeD3. id3v2 only requires the idv3lib and is C code but it's output is not line oriented, making it harder to parse (but not impossible). It seems the best fit though it doesn't appear id3lib is included in Buildroot, re: I'd have to build both as a combined third party package.

Note that I simply need a way to create a DB for music, like I do with videos (via VideoLib and VideoFE). The player can be omxplayer, which knows how to play mp3 files.

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